Sunday, February 18, 2007


We spend every weekend at Moss Lake to work on the Guesthouse. It has to be finished by April when our first guests will arrive. We still have enough time left and don’t have to rush!
Our little Duck “Daggi” is like a second dog for us, she follows us everywhere we go and wants to get cuddled.

Super Bowl

Like every American, we watched the Super Bowl Game too, Chicago Bears vs. Indiana Colts . We were for the Colts, but don’t ask us why. Jason watched the game at his girl-friends house and Janina and I watched it at home.

Whatchamacallit … Promkleider!

After Jasons Appointment at his Orthodontist in Dallas, Janina, Jason and I went to a huge store only with Promdresses. Janina and I got very exited when we entered the store because they had more than 100,000 dresses. Jason went to look for a nice couch to sleep on for the next two hours, while we went to look for dresses. After trying on various dresses in different styles and colors, we got very exhausted and left the store after two hours with nothing but cash… LOL.
And I had to spend a big meal for Jason at Chick-fil-a ... poor guy!!!

Senior Parent

I am a Senior Parent and it is pretty exiting about all the new things around us at this time. At the end of 2006, Janina had her Senior Pictures taken in a big photo studio in Fort Worth. Two weeks ago we ordered her Cap & Gown for her Graduation. Every second Monday a month, I attend a Senior-Parent-Meeting to talk about every event for our Seniors within the next months. The picture shows all the Signatures of all Seniors of the Class of 2007. See if you can find Janinas!!!

Valentines Day

Unlike almost everyone else, we don’t really care about Valentines Day!
While we were watching TV, Janina got a package delivered by UPS from her Prom Date. He sent her 12 Roses with a card and a Teddy-Bear. Isn’t that cute??????


This upcoming Presidents Day is not a day off for Landmark Bank Bankers from Oklahoma and Texas. Because we will have a Training-Day instead! It is planned to have Training lessons and of course some fun too. They asked every branch to make a “Spirit Sign”. The best out of all will win a fabulous prize! I designed ours! So keep your fingers crossed for us.