Saturday, December 25, 2010

Haus Hamburg


georgeous sunset

Christmas lights....
we need a lot more... but we are ok for this year!
Let's see, how many we will have next year though :o)

"Little" Phoebie....

Our "little" Phoebie turned into a young Lady...
she runs so elegant... and she is just adorable
We love her so much!

Christmas Parade 2010

We decided to take our bug for the Christmas Parade in Gainesville for this year.
Motto: Germans with a German car ! :o)
Last year we took the Cadillac Eldorado 1975
and the year before we took the Chrysler 1968

Our new Volkswagen Bug 1979

This is our new Volkswagen Bug, 1979


My first 5K

I ran my first 5K (=5 Kilometer) in 32 Minutes...
4 Minutes behind Janina :o)
The 5K was in Dallas and I was so excited!
There were almost 800 Runners.

Next goal: a 10K

The newest member in the JustKiddies Family: Mr.Bob

Let me introduce you to: Mr. Bob

the newest member in the JustKiddies family

Mr. Bob and his little Buddy "Little Bobby" :

You can order them at:

* Made-by-Manu *



Back in Business....

I'm back... in case you are wondering why I didn't post anything... I had a lot going on :o)
* We are building our new home - House Hamburg...
* We went to Germany for a almost 4 week long Tour
and so much more...

My new goal... to run a Half-Marathon !
When? Where? Why?
Please read my new BLOG: