Thursday, November 30, 2006


Welcome Winter in Texas....
The weather is really crazy. Yesterday we wore T-Shirts, Skirts/Shorts and Flip-Flops and over night it became very cold!
Janina, Jason and me went to Dallas yesterday to got a check-up for Jasons braces and on the way back we made a stop at my favorite store: IKEA! I just love this store and I always leave with a shopping cart full of stuff! This time we bought new beddings, bedspreads, lamps, a footstool, fabric, plant pots, and nic nacs. While we were at IKEA it started raining. We know it was supposed to get very cold that night. On the way back to Gainesville (usually an one-hour drive) we got in heavy rain and storm. It took us almost two hours to get home! It was just terrible!
Today when I got up, the rain already turned into ice-rain and my car had a skin of ice. I couln't even get the doors open!
Janina and Jason went to school and only had two classes, then they were dismissed to leave. Konny left his company around 10am and our bank closed at 4pm. There were a lot of accidents and the NEWS says it is getting worse tomorrow! Let's see! I know for sure, I will get up very early to defrost my car!!!

Our back porch at 5:30pm


Sunday (11/26/2006) we did a ROAD TRIP with Konny's School Bus. We had a lot of fun, good music and it was so comfy! We visited some friends for a late Thanksgiving BBQ.


Look at these pictures... isn't that a great place to live at? After the house is finished next year, we will have that view every day and not only at the weekends when we go there to work at our new place!


After breakfast: Konny, Erwin, Manu, Daggi, Janina, Jason and Murphy

posing infront of our school bus:
Konny, Erwin, Manu, Daggi, Janina, Jason and Murphy


Konny is still doing some work at the Guesthouse porch and me and Janina started painting the livingroom.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I love to get dressed up in different costumes but my favorite one is Mortisha from the Adam’s Family!
Last year I had a knife sticking through my head and this year I wore a witch hat. Konny and I got dressed up before the first kids arrived. We had some scary background music with noises like chainsaw etc. and look at the picture below to see our house decoration!
Two bowls of candy were waiting for the kids.


All of us at work dressed up in different costumes.
We had a lot of fun and took some pictures!