Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Snow in Texas... at the last day in January!!! I took the picture today at work. But it didn't last very long. Only a couple hours. Well, I don't want any snow... I want spring. Flowers, birds, sun, ....! I can't wait!!!!

no truck... and homesick

my pick up truck is still broken but I got my hubbys big black truck! It is huge, compared to mine, but I love to drive with it! We are still working on the guesthouse to get it ready by april! And the weather is still... ugly cold!!!! I'm very homesick right now. I miss my friends in Germany a lot... A LOT!!!! I wish I could just take the next airplane to visit them for a few weeks!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas, NYE, my truck, MySpace,....

Sorry about doing no updates since Christmas... I know, I'm sooo far behind.
We are already 20 days into the New Year!!
Well, let me tell you, our Christmas was fabulous. At December 23rd we
put up our Christmas Tree and it was my turn this year to decorate it.
Our Christmas dinner was at the 24th and we had Turkey, Potatoes and Red Cabbage. My hubby is the best cook in the world! It was delicious!!!
And guess what, Santa Claus came down the chimney and had cookies and milk and left a lot of presents under the tree!!!!
We must have been pretty nice last year! LOL

New Years Eve
One day before New Years Eve we put up lots of lights at the lake and
Konny and Jason built a sun-deck at the boat house. We had invited some
friends and we had a really great time!

I'm addicted to MySpace!!!! After Janina and Jason already had their
own myspace... now it was my turn to create my own one! And, it was
easier than I thought! I had so much fun that I also did one for my best
friend Uta too.
My red pick up truck...
Finally, after weeks with having trouble, the transmission of my truck
died!!! I'm so lost without my car. I need a ride to work, I need a ride
to Wal-Mart - I always have to ask somebody... and I hate that!!! A few
days ago we went to a car dealer in Fort Worth but he wanted just too
much for a piece of crap. I can't afford a nice and fancy car. It has to
be old, cheap and, I bet, ugly! But I don't care how it looks like - it
has to work! This coming weekend we have to find me a car. Or one for
Jason. We are both looking for a car. He needs some more driving lessons
and as soon he turns 17 next month, he will be a proud owner of a
driver's license!!!
New Years Resolutions...
ok... it's on TV every ten minutes... and it is my biggest New Years
Resolution too: getting back into shape!!! Man, let me tell you, I
gained so much weight over the last months, I need to buy some new
clothes OR to change something!!! Since I quit my job in the casino and
started working in a bank, I don't move around a lot anymore. I got so
lazy and eat all the bad stuff! As soon I get a new car, I wanna start
going to the tracks again every day after work and to check out Curve's.
No chocolate, donuts, cake and all that bad stuff anymore. I'll keep you on track!