Sunday, December 24, 2006



Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holiday spirit...

Saturday we felt into the Holiday spirit!
At six o'clock we went to the Christmas Parade of Lights in Gainesville. I just love it and it gave me the first Holiday spirit this year!

Santa Claus was last in the Parade and brought lots of Holiday spirit!!! (sorry for this bad picture)

After the Parade we were invited from our Real Estate Agent to the State Theatre for some Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Hot Chocolate and drinks and a Movie. We watched "Ice Age2".

And Sunday we had a good time at the lake. Konny worked at his bus and we cuddelt with Daggi (after we worked just a little bit!)!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Welcome Winter in Texas....
The weather is really crazy. Yesterday we wore T-Shirts, Skirts/Shorts and Flip-Flops and over night it became very cold!
Janina, Jason and me went to Dallas yesterday to got a check-up for Jasons braces and on the way back we made a stop at my favorite store: IKEA! I just love this store and I always leave with a shopping cart full of stuff! This time we bought new beddings, bedspreads, lamps, a footstool, fabric, plant pots, and nic nacs. While we were at IKEA it started raining. We know it was supposed to get very cold that night. On the way back to Gainesville (usually an one-hour drive) we got in heavy rain and storm. It took us almost two hours to get home! It was just terrible!
Today when I got up, the rain already turned into ice-rain and my car had a skin of ice. I couln't even get the doors open!
Janina and Jason went to school and only had two classes, then they were dismissed to leave. Konny left his company around 10am and our bank closed at 4pm. There were a lot of accidents and the NEWS says it is getting worse tomorrow! Let's see! I know for sure, I will get up very early to defrost my car!!!

Our back porch at 5:30pm


Sunday (11/26/2006) we did a ROAD TRIP with Konny's School Bus. We had a lot of fun, good music and it was so comfy! We visited some friends for a late Thanksgiving BBQ.


Look at these pictures... isn't that a great place to live at? After the house is finished next year, we will have that view every day and not only at the weekends when we go there to work at our new place!


After breakfast: Konny, Erwin, Manu, Daggi, Janina, Jason and Murphy

posing infront of our school bus:
Konny, Erwin, Manu, Daggi, Janina, Jason and Murphy


Konny is still doing some work at the Guesthouse porch and me and Janina started painting the livingroom.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I love to get dressed up in different costumes but my favorite one is Mortisha from the Adam’s Family!
Last year I had a knife sticking through my head and this year I wore a witch hat. Konny and I got dressed up before the first kids arrived. We had some scary background music with noises like chainsaw etc. and look at the picture below to see our house decoration!
Two bowls of candy were waiting for the kids.


All of us at work dressed up in different costumes.
We had a lot of fun and took some pictures!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Recipe of the week: Lemon Lime Cake

This cake is one of my favorite summer cakes. I got the recipe from our neighbor Ida.

1 lemon cake mix - according to directions.
1 pkg Lime Jello - dissolve lime jello in 3/4 cup
boiling water.
add 1/2 cup cold water.
let jello sit a few minutes while cake cools.
poke holes all over cake and spon jello overcake.
1 pkg Whipped Cream - mix 1 pkg Cream Whip with
1 pkg Lemon Instant Pudding and 1 1/2 cups cold milk.
whip until firm and frost cake
fuer Deutschland:
ihr braucht eine Zitronenkuchen Backmischung (nach Packung zubereiten),
1 Pkg. Limone Goetterspeise (mit weniger Wasser zubereiten),
Loecher in den fertig gebackenen und abgekuehlten Kuchen machen und die Goetterspeise hinein loeffeln,
Sahne steif schlagen und mit kaltem Zitronenpudding glatt ruehren und auf den fertigen Kuchen streichen, kuehl stellen!
Abwandlung: Das Lime-Jello weg lassen und vor dem backen Mandarin-Orangen auf dem Kuchen verteilen.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My new job…

Last Friday was day 10 in my new job as a Fulltime Teller! I started September 25th!
Right now I feel a little bit more comfortable about everything.
Things are going to make sense to me!!!! Almost everything is new for me because I never worked at a bank before. My previous job in the casino was way different!!!!
We still have 2 weeks training to go but that is a good thing for all of us! It feels so good because everybody is so nice and everybody cares about the others.

Our new little bank will open at October 23rd and all the employees are brand new in this business, even our Manager. That will be fun!!!! And when the first customer walks in and nobody remembers what to do!!! LOL

Monday, October 9th is my first holiday and I have a day off (it is Columbus Day). I already like my new working hours a lot more!!!

Banker Dress code

After I bought some nice business clothes for my new job I found out, the dress code at my bank is way easier than I thought. We can wear Capri’s, nice Flip-Flops (not the cheap ones!), Denim-Skirts and on every Friday, I can wear my favorite pants – Jeans!!!! Let’s go shopping!!!!

My birthday

My birthday was Saturday, September 23, and I had the whole week off because I turned in all my vacation days I had left from the casino.
And of course, we spent the weekend at the lake!
In the morning we worked a little bit at the guesthouse and in the early afternoon we had a sooooo yummy cake with my favorite icing, … whipped icing!!! And I got some presents from my sweethearts!!!! Guess what I got???? An Ipod nano. I love it!!! And next time when I go to the tracks for a run, I will take it with me. That’s so much more fun to run with my favorite music!
For supper, we went to Dieter Brother’s for a goooood Burger, some Curly Fries and Salad!!!!
I had a great day!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tornado Watch

09/21/2006 ... 9pm:
We are under Tornado Watch until midnight!!!!
The area with the Tornado Warning is only 30 miles away. That scares me!!! After we found out about the Tornado Watch we secured everything in the front and backyard (the pool ladder, the swing, garden tools, etc.) and we were prepared to go to our storm shelter in the backyard. For Murphy we had some treats ready to make him jump into the shelter, otherwise we would have to carry him and that would be impossible (he likes “american doggy food” …. just kidding!!! *LOL*). Now we’re still waiting if something is gonna happen. If I could, I would watch the Weather Channel all night long, just to make shure.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Homecoming 2006

Today was the Homecoming 2006 Parade! It started at 6pm on California Street and Janina was on the “CLASS OF 2007” trailer.
She had a lot of fun!!!
Every trailer was decorated in red and white (the school’s colors).

My little girl is a senior now; it is her last High School Year!!!
I already went to the first Senior-Parent Meeting to meet other parents and to sign up for Fundraising, helping at the Prom 2007 and the Senior Brunch. It is a very exiting year for us, especially for Janina.

New Job = New Clothes

I really need some new clothes for my new job, I have nothing to wear!!!
Of course I have lots of clothes but nothing BUSINESS LIKE!
I love love love my Blue Jeans but that is a NO NO in a bank. And I can’t wear most of my short sleeve shirts also, because they show my Tattoo.
Well… I went shopping and got some cute grey pants with pinstripes in pink and a black Sweater from The GAP, a Twin set in Bordeaux from Old Navy, some shirts/blouses from Vanity Fair and one pair of cool black Boots and the same pair in brown from Payless Shoes and several pants, sweater and skirts from EBay.

Now I’m ready for my new job!!!!

Bye, bye Casino….

In June, I had a job-interview in a bank. They called me a week later and told me, my name would be on top, but I have to come in for a second interview in a few weeks.
Two weeks ago, I finally had my second interview and it turnt out:
I got the job!!!!
The next day, I turned in my two-weeks-notice at the Casino. Saturday (9/16) was my last day at work and today was my “Bye Bye Party”. I’m really sad to leave this place after 18 month and I’m gonna miss everybody!!!
I don’t know if it was the right decision, but sometimes you have to jump into the cold water. I really loved the Casino… my co-workers, the lights, the music … everything! I will miss everything and everybody!!!

But on the other hand, I’m really exited about my new job. My first day will be Monday (9/25). It is a Monday to Friday job, evenings off, holidays off, weekends off (maybe I have to work one Saturday a month), it is Fulltime with Benefits and 2-weeks vacation … just perfect for a Mom of two Teenies.

Since I started my new position as a Supervisor, I had to work on second shift and on every Saturday. I really loved the people on this shift, but I did not like the hours. I left my house around 1pm and came home at night between 1 and 2am.
With my new job I’ll be at home a little bit after 5pm, because I work only 5 Minutes away from home!!!

Juchhuuu…. From now on we have Friday-Night-Football-Games again and Movie-Nights, and BBQ on Saturdays, and Sunset-Shopping, etc.!!!!

The pic above shows my "Bye Bye Party" in the Casino Breakroom with some of my co-workers .
We had a lot of food ... sandwiches, cakes, chips and dips, fruits, ...

And the pic below showes me and Tammy ... and me wearing my red Supervisor-Shirt for the last time!

Bye bye guys ... it was really fun working with ya'll !!! Take care and we keep in touch!!!

My Tennis Champs…

Janina plays Tennis since one year and Jason started this year. They both love it.
Last Tuesday (9/19) they had a Tennis match…

Look here what the newspaper says:
The Gainesville Leopards’ tennis team fell to Denton Ryan 17-6 in a dual match TuesdayThomas Harris, Seth Stockton and Sam Allred took singles victories over their Ryan opponents.Stockton and Tony Weise combined to take the number one boys doubles match, while Allred and John Martin took a win in the number three boys doubles match.Ryan’s girls swept the girls singles matches. However, Janina Reimann and Carley Ginther took the number three girls doubles match.“We are 0-4 on the season,” Gainesville Coach Jeff Gerken said, “but we have been playing some of the bigger Class 4A schools. As long as we keep improving, I think we will have a good season.”Gerken pointed out that even though they didn’t come away with a win, Deven Garrett, Jason Reimann, Michael Hermes, Ryan Mangum, Amanda Bradsford, Becca Shaw, Jenny Pearson, Melina Perez, Cori Krewson, Tiffany Kenner, Danielle Rogers and Irene Perez continue to improve and play well.Gerken also said that Maegan Ranking and Sarah Brashears also have been improving. (Staff Report)

One of the rules at school: At the day of a tennis match, girls have to wear a skirt and boys have to wear Slacks, a shirt and a tie (at school all the shirts has to be tacked in!).
Jason didn’t have a tie at the first tennis-match-day and his coach borrowed him one… it was a green one with tennis rackets and tennis balls!!! We went shopping the next day before he had to wear a “Sponge-Bob”-Tie!!!

My truck …

We always had trouble with my truck from time to time!
It was always something else!
A few weeks ago, the kids and I went shopping in Denton. On the way to Denton the battery sign kept flashing and I took the next exit and asked at a small shop for help. It was the alternator! I got a new one and paid $160. Good bye shopping money!!!

It doesn’t really rain a lot in Texas… but what if it rains and your wipers are not working??? It happened to me on the left lane of four toward Dallas. Great!!!!
But last Tuesday (9/19) my husband fixed it!!!

And he also did something with my starter too. It took me forever at my last days at work, to drive from Gainesville, TX to Thackerville, OK. Usually it takes 15 Minutes but than it took more than 30 Minutes and my truck only ran 20-30 miles/hour. And on top of that it stopped several times. It was really fun driving with my truck!

Back to school….

School started at August 17, after almost 3 month summer break.
Back to school … back to dress code … back to rules!

I draw “We are Back to school” the night before on Janinas rear window. She took it off before they left :-( !

Monday, September 11, 2006


Was it real
Those images....smoke and dust...
How could it have happened here

Would our wounds ever heal
Does it seem strange that we still feel

Five Years Later
We're still angry, we wonder
Can remembering go on to long
Can we keep our faith & stay strong

We still feel shock & face our fears
We are a Nation resolved to
fight our foes and stand tall
Our pride we wear, we shed the tears

I won't ever forget, that fateful day
For the souls lost, and the survivors too
And for those whose lives were changed some way.
God has shed his Grace on Thee and Me

America - truly the land of the
Brave, the Remarkable, and the Free.
It all is real.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


My hubby turned 51 and we had a chillin' day with BBQ and Schwarzwaelder-Kirschtorte at the lake. No working at all. Konny hasn't even touched his tools :-)
After breakfast it was time to unwrapp the presents.

Then he got call after call... Busy-Birthday-Boy :-)

In the afternoon we had some visitors from Germany and a very good time!!! Thank you Heidi and Rolf for coming and we hope to see you some day again!!!