Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holiday spirit...

Saturday we felt into the Holiday spirit!
At six o'clock we went to the Christmas Parade of Lights in Gainesville. I just love it and it gave me the first Holiday spirit this year!

Santa Claus was last in the Parade and brought lots of Holiday spirit!!! (sorry for this bad picture)

After the Parade we were invited from our Real Estate Agent to the State Theatre for some Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Hot Chocolate and drinks and a Movie. We watched "Ice Age2".

And Sunday we had a good time at the lake. Konny worked at his bus and we cuddelt with Daggi (after we worked just a little bit!)!!!

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Sebastian and Diana at Key West said...

Hi Manu,

It looks quite cold there! I mean our temperature down here in Key West is dropping as well but still mid 70! :-)
I am actually looking for the TV Videos about your family! I am missing it since we left Germany and can not find a place to get them.

AND i would like to complain. Why is the trip going to CO? Florida is much nicer! Have a look at
especially for the fantasy fest! ;-)

I would really appreciate your response!