Thursday, January 28, 2010

My job at GAP

In October 2008 I startet my new job at the GAP as a Sales Associate in Gainesville. I love my job!!! My wardrobe is about 80% GAP anyways, so I can wear everything I already have at work. In May 2009 I was "Employee of the Month". I only work a few days a week, so it fits perfectly to my busy schedule with College, bookkeeping for Konny-Island, etc..


Anonymous said...

Hallo Manu,

vor diesem Laden standen wir letztes jahr im Mai, als wir mit der Crew unterwegs waren. Ich hatte es spaeter im TV gesehen das Du da arbeitest. Mensch haette ich das gewusst :-)

Wir freuen uns sehr auf Euch.
Schade mein Englisch ist nicht so dolle.

Greetings from germany

Tanja, Herbert + Kinna von Ducati said...

Hi Manu! I don't know if you remember me.... Anyway, I stopped by and saw that you're now joining the college! Congrats to this decission! And you also like your job at GAP! Everything worked out - that's awesome!
Take care!