Sunday, April 08, 2007

Itsy bitsy Spider...

Sunday evening I almost passed out!!! After we came home from the Lake, I wanted to organize my room because I had a big pile of paper, books, etc. sitting on the floor for a couple of days. So I took a few at a time and put them in folders, took the next few, and so on. Then... I took a few more and lifted the top sheet and there it was... a BIG, FAT, BROWN, HAIRY TARANTULA... right in front of me on my cutting table! I started screaming and ran into the kitchen. Jason and Janina came to see what was going on. We put a big storage box in front of the table and Jason held the lid and I tried to swipe the spider with a broom into the box. Well... I missed! And the little critter ran under my desk. We put the box there again when it showed up next to the desk and I tried again to swipe it into the box. This time we got it and Jason put the lid on quickly and we ran outside to throw it far away!!! The whole thing took us 15 scary minutes. The Tarantula was the size of half of my hand. They are not poisonous but just to see it so close and to have it in my house was enough for me!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, a tarantula??? i like them, but not in the house LOL

Marcel said...

Huhu Manu.

Oh je, ich hasse diese dinger auch unheimlich!

Ein glück gibt es bei uns nicht so ne großen.

LG Marcel (hoffentlich weißt du noch welcher) ;-)

Tabby said...

I am glad that we are living in the Northwest. Here are weird, big bugs, but not this huge spiders.

Liebe Gruesse aus Oregon gen Sueden!!!