Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jason's Pick Up

Since 03/13/2007, Jason is the proud owner of a nice red Chevy Pick Up truck. We went to Dallas, Fort Worth and other places to find him a truck and where did we finally get one??? In Lindsay, 5 miles away from Gainesville. I passed the truck on a saturday morning on the way to work and it had a "For Sale" sign in the windshield. So I called Jason to tell him about it. Saturday evening we met the owner at the truck and looked at it. We made an offer and left because the owner didn't want to come down on the price. Monday evening we called him again and made him the same offer and he finally came down.
Jason was so happy about it! His first truck! Now he needs a few more driving lessons and then he is ready to get his drivers license. The big day will be May 10th!!!
Until then I'm driving his truck because I still need a new transmission for my truck and Konny hasn't had time yet to fix it!

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