Sunday, April 08, 2007

Prom 1

My son Jason went to his first Prom with his girlfriend Raquel with her school. Let me tell ya'll, he looked sharp in his tuxedo. It was the first time for him to wear one.
Raquel looked like a princess, she was so pretty! There are such a cute couple!!!!
Prom was held at a big Ranch in Sanger. All the couples came with their cars, most of them were Pick Up trucks, and stopped at the entrance were somebody took the car and parked it while the couple walked to the entrance. Jason and Raquel came with a Hummer.
I met her parents for the first time and it was nice to meet them and talk to them!
I guess Raquel and Jason had a good time... and I know: "What happens at Prom, stays at Prom!" ....!!!!

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