Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Tennis Champs…

Janina plays Tennis since one year and Jason started this year. They both love it.
Last Tuesday (9/19) they had a Tennis match…

Look here what the newspaper says:
The Gainesville Leopards’ tennis team fell to Denton Ryan 17-6 in a dual match TuesdayThomas Harris, Seth Stockton and Sam Allred took singles victories over their Ryan opponents.Stockton and Tony Weise combined to take the number one boys doubles match, while Allred and John Martin took a win in the number three boys doubles match.Ryan’s girls swept the girls singles matches. However, Janina Reimann and Carley Ginther took the number three girls doubles match.“We are 0-4 on the season,” Gainesville Coach Jeff Gerken said, “but we have been playing some of the bigger Class 4A schools. As long as we keep improving, I think we will have a good season.”Gerken pointed out that even though they didn’t come away with a win, Deven Garrett, Jason Reimann, Michael Hermes, Ryan Mangum, Amanda Bradsford, Becca Shaw, Jenny Pearson, Melina Perez, Cori Krewson, Tiffany Kenner, Danielle Rogers and Irene Perez continue to improve and play well.Gerken also said that Maegan Ranking and Sarah Brashears also have been improving. (Staff Report)

One of the rules at school: At the day of a tennis match, girls have to wear a skirt and boys have to wear Slacks, a shirt and a tie (at school all the shirts has to be tacked in!).
Jason didn’t have a tie at the first tennis-match-day and his coach borrowed him one… it was a green one with tennis rackets and tennis balls!!! We went shopping the next day before he had to wear a “Sponge-Bob”-Tie!!!

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