Thursday, September 21, 2006

My truck …

We always had trouble with my truck from time to time!
It was always something else!
A few weeks ago, the kids and I went shopping in Denton. On the way to Denton the battery sign kept flashing and I took the next exit and asked at a small shop for help. It was the alternator! I got a new one and paid $160. Good bye shopping money!!!

It doesn’t really rain a lot in Texas… but what if it rains and your wipers are not working??? It happened to me on the left lane of four toward Dallas. Great!!!!
But last Tuesday (9/19) my husband fixed it!!!

And he also did something with my starter too. It took me forever at my last days at work, to drive from Gainesville, TX to Thackerville, OK. Usually it takes 15 Minutes but than it took more than 30 Minutes and my truck only ran 20-30 miles/hour. And on top of that it stopped several times. It was really fun driving with my truck!

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