Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bye, bye Casino….

In June, I had a job-interview in a bank. They called me a week later and told me, my name would be on top, but I have to come in for a second interview in a few weeks.
Two weeks ago, I finally had my second interview and it turnt out:
I got the job!!!!
The next day, I turned in my two-weeks-notice at the Casino. Saturday (9/16) was my last day at work and today was my “Bye Bye Party”. I’m really sad to leave this place after 18 month and I’m gonna miss everybody!!!
I don’t know if it was the right decision, but sometimes you have to jump into the cold water. I really loved the Casino… my co-workers, the lights, the music … everything! I will miss everything and everybody!!!

But on the other hand, I’m really exited about my new job. My first day will be Monday (9/25). It is a Monday to Friday job, evenings off, holidays off, weekends off (maybe I have to work one Saturday a month), it is Fulltime with Benefits and 2-weeks vacation … just perfect for a Mom of two Teenies.

Since I started my new position as a Supervisor, I had to work on second shift and on every Saturday. I really loved the people on this shift, but I did not like the hours. I left my house around 1pm and came home at night between 1 and 2am.
With my new job I’ll be at home a little bit after 5pm, because I work only 5 Minutes away from home!!!

Juchhuuu…. From now on we have Friday-Night-Football-Games again and Movie-Nights, and BBQ on Saturdays, and Sunset-Shopping, etc.!!!!

The pic above shows my "Bye Bye Party" in the Casino Breakroom with some of my co-workers .
We had a lot of food ... sandwiches, cakes, chips and dips, fruits, ...

And the pic below showes me and Tammy ... and me wearing my red Supervisor-Shirt for the last time!

Bye bye guys ... it was really fun working with ya'll !!! Take care and we keep in touch!!!


Jack said...

Congratulations on your new job!

Bine said...

Congrats on your new job. You will have a real family life again....that's great!

Alex said...

Hallo Manu, gratuliere (nachtraeglich^^) zum neuen Job!! Ich hab die Jobsuche noch vor mir und etwas Bammel davor... :-/

Liebe Gruesse aus Alabama..Alex :)