Wednesday, September 06, 2006

READY - STEADY - GO ..........

Welcome to my BLOG!
It's all about me, me, me !!!

My family, my friends, my job, my favorite recipes, sports, hobbies, .... !


Jack said...

Hi, I've been following your journey from Hamburg to Gainesville on VOX TV here in Germany. I have been living for 16 years near Karlsruhe in Germany. I am American and my wife is German. Sometimes we think about moving to America and Texas sounds like a wonderful place to live (I am from a small town in New York). We have a good friend from Texas (Houston?) who lives near us here, his wife is also German.

Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far in the USA, you guys are really inspirational.

Jack Niles from Stutensee (Baden)

Nähmaus said...

Hallo Manu,

schaue auch hin und wieder bei Euch vorbei... und hoffe immer auf neue Updates *klitzekleineneugier*...

Hoffe Euch geht es gut...

Was macht Deine Selbstständigkeit... Bin immer mehr im Nähfieber, was mein Stofflager auch eindeutig aufzeigt... und würde manchmal gerne mit Dir tauschen... stoffmäßig ist USA halt doch ein Eldorado... grins...

Liebe Grüsse


Hannes said...

Hallo Manu, ich bin gerade dabei englisch zu lernen, bzw. wieder aufzufrischen. Deshalb finde ich es toll Texte zu finden die mich auch noch interessieren. Mach weiter so, viele Grüsse aus Mainspitze aus good old Germany.

Guido said...

Hi Manu, today i stumbled across your families website. As my wife and I have seen every single episode of your journey into a new life in texas, i like your blog. It is a fantastic way to be updated, about you and the whole Reimann family. Oh, I envy you so much, because very often i dream about leaving germany, and move to another country. But who knows, maybe someday it will happen. I will never stop dreamin' and sometimes, dreams become true. :)

Last year, when i was looking for a new job, i was very close to a chance to get an opportunity in a worldwide company, which could have led in into travels around the world. But unfortunately, i didn't had the little bit of luck to get this job. I even didn't get a job inside germany in a town of my favour, so at last i moved to Karlsruhe. But after one year here in Karlsruhe, I can say it is a very nice and liveable town.

Ok, so i don't want to waste your time with my thoughts and i do have to get back to work, as lunch time is over i will finish for now. But be sure, that i will read your blog frequently and also will post comments from time to time.

Many greetings to you and your family.