Sunday, September 10, 2006


Although i don’t like to cook ... i really love to bake.
Cakes, Cupcakes, Strudel, everything!
My favorite part is to decorate. Every Birthday Cake looks different. Once i made a „Black Forest Cake“ for Konny shaped like a Surfboard.
Since we live in the US, i watched the „Food Channel“ with ‚Cake Decoration“ Shows.
I would like to take a class in cake decorating but all the classes are in the evenings on days i have to work. :-( That’s why i bought a book. It really looks easy but, i can tell ... it’s not!!!!
Putting the icing on the cake was almost a disaster. Everytime i wanted to put icing on, pieces of the cake broke off. It looked like a mudpie. UUUaaaahhh ! To save the cake i put tiny icing-flowers close together using my decoration kit (see the pic below).
One of my co-workers now gave me the tip, to freeze the cake before frosting!

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